Baby Girl names starting with 'Fa'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Fa - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Fa, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'Fa' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Faadilah Accomplished, Virtuous, A Female Scholar
Faaeqa Awake, Outstanding
Faaghira Jasmine Flower
Faaiza Victorious, Successful, Triumphant
Faaizah Prosperous, Successful, Victorious
Faajal Accomplished
Faakhira Glorious, Magnificent
Faakihah Fruit
Faakirah Elegant, Splendid, Proud
Faalgunee Day of Full Moon
Faaria Kind, Loving, Beautiful, King
Faariah Name of Sahabiyyah
Faariha Happy, Glad, Delighted, Cheerful, Joyful
Faarihah Swift Female Camel
Faatihah Introduction, Preface, Opener, Conqueror
Faatima A Woman who Abstains, Captivating
Faatina Captivating
Faatinah Alluring, Enchanting, Fascinating, Charming
Faazila Virtuous, Honest, Excellent, Superior, Kind
Fabia Bean Farmer, Form of Fabian
Fabiana Bean Farmer, Form of Fabian, Bean Grower
Fabiane Bean Grower, Form of Fabian
Fabianne Feminine Similar to Fabian
Fabienne Bean Grower, Feminine Similar to Fabian
Fabina God
Fabiola Bean Grower, Bean, One who Grow Beans
Fabliha Excellent
Fabrizia Works with the Hands, Craftsman
Fadah Silver
Fadeelah Superiority
Fadela Excellent
Fadheela Virtue
Fadheeler Virtue, Excellence
Fadhila Virtuous
Fadhiler Virtue, Excellence
Fadhiya Gorgeous
Fadia Fem, Redeemer
Fadila Attractive, Good Looking, Generous
Fadilah Virtuous, Outstanding, Superior
Fadiya Redeemer

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