Baby Girl names starting with F

Baby Girl names starting with letter F - 663 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with F, view all 663 names.

Baby Girl names starting with F - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Fahima Intelligent, Learned, Understands
Fahimah Learned, Intelligent
Fahmara Adorned with Intellect, Intelligent
Fahmeda Intelligent and Wise
Fahmeeda Intelligent, Wise
Fahmeedah Wise, Intelligent
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise, Scholarly, Wise
Faida Plentiful, Gain, Useful, Benefit
Faidah Profit, Gain, Benefit, Advantage
Faih Perfume, Fragrance
Faiha Pleasant Smell of Paradise
Faihaa Garden, Good Smell
Faika Superior
Faina Fairy, Crown or Garland, Shining, Light
Faiqa Genius
Fairoza Turquoise, Precious Stone
Fairuza Gemstone, Turquoise
Faithe Trust, Belief, Faithful, Faith, Hope, Charity
Faizia Successful
Fajga Bird
Fakeeha Cheerful
Fakhira Glorious, Magnificent
Fakhirah Splendid, Elegant
Fakhra Good, New
Fakhri Glory
Fakhriya Proud, Glory, Honorary
Fakhriyah Honorary
Fakhriyya Glow, Pride
Fakhrunnisa Glory of the Women
Fakiha Fruit
Fakira Thinker
Falahat Welfare, Benefit
Falaki Heavenly, Celestial
Falaknaz Sky
Falha Winner
Faliha Fortunate, Lucky, Successful, Prosperous
Falina Fluffy, Cat Like

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