Baby Girl names starting with 'El'

Baby Girl names starting with letter El - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with El, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'El' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Ela God is My Oath, Stone, All, Completely
Eladari Luxury in Paradise
Eladaria Park
Elaha Ancient Gods
Elaheh Goddess
Elain Fawn
Elaina Shining Light, Light, Similar to Helen
Elaine Shining, Variant of Helen, Torch
Elainna The shining light, in mythology
Elaiya The Beautiful One, Grow in Love
Elakia Literature
Elakshi A Woman with Bright Eyes, Beautiful
Elakya Literature
Elamathi Young Brain
Elamma God Name
Elampirai Young crescent
Elan Shining, Brightness
Elane Shining, Bright, Similar to Helen
Elanila Moon
Elanna Shining, Bright, Similar to Helen
Elaro Beauty
Elata Elevated, Lofty
Elavarasi Youthful, Princess
Elayarani Great Queen
Elayna Shining Light, Similar to Helen
Elayne Mother of Lancelot, Shining, Bright
Elba Dawn
elberta Noble, Glorious, Highborn, Shining
Elberte Noble, Glorious
Elbertha Noble, Shining
Elberthina Noble, Shining
Elbertina Noble, Glorious
Elbertine Noble, Glorious
elbertyna Noble, Glorious
Elda Battle, Wise or Prudent Adviser

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