Baby Girl names starting with 'E'

Baby Girl names starting with letter E - 1038 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with E, view all 1038 names.

Name Meaning Like
Eabha Life Provider
Eadaion Joyous Friendship
Eadgyth Fortune and Strife
Eadith Prosperity, Battle
Earla Feminine of Earl, Noblewoman, Leader
Earleen Feminine of Earl, Noblewoman, Leader
earlena Noble Woman, Shield
Earlene Noble Woman, Leader, Princess, Warrior
Earley Noble Woman, Leader
Earlina Noble Woman, Shield
Earline Noble Woman
Earna Sincere, Eagle
Earnestine Earnest, Serious, Battle to the Death
Earric Powerful
Eartha Earthy, Born of the Earth
Earwyna Friend of the Sea
Easha Goddess Parvati, Desire
Eashta Beloved, Another name of Lord Vishnu
Easmatara Friend
Easter Born at Easter, Goddess of the Dawn
Eastre Born at Easter
Eathelin Noble Waterfall
Eathellreda Noble Maiden
Eathelyn Noble Waterfall
Ebadat Prayer
Ebanee Black Colored Wood
Ebany Ebony, Deeply Black Wood
Ebbani Fog, Honey dow, Desire
Ebe Youthful Like a Flower
Eberta Bright, Intelligent
Ebonee Black, A Hard Wood
Eboney Deep Black Wood
Eboni Ebony Wood, Black
Ebonie Black Colored Wood

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