Baby Girl Names Starting with Du

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Du - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Dua Prayer, A Wish
Duaa Prayer
Duaasree Blessing of Goddess Lakshmi
Dubaah Praying All Year
Dubhashree God
Dubree Skinny, Thin
Duci Woman from Magdala
Duha Forenoon, Early Morning
Duhita Daughter
Duhitha Daughter
Duhr Forenoon, Noon
Dujanah Rain, Name of a Woman
Dukhnivarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering
Dukhniwarn Remover of Sorrow and Suffering
Dula Shaking
Duladevi Name of Goddess, Name of a Goddess
Dulani Happy
Dularee Lovable
Dulari Dear
Dulce Sweet, Form of Dulcie, Candy
Dulcia Sweetness
Dulcinea Sweet
Dulhan Bridal
Duma Silence, Resemblance
Dumati With Bright Intellect
Dumbini Beautiful Butterfly
Dunaa Worlds
Dundubi Name of a Raga
Dunia The World
Duniya World, Earth
Dunya Earth
Dunyana World
Dur-Afshan Scattered Pearls, Beads
Dur-E-Shahwar Kings Worthy Pearl
Durar Pearl, Pearls
Durdaana Single Pearl

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