Baby Girl names starting with 'De'

Baby Girl names starting with letter De - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with De, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
De God, Nature, Enjoy
De Grassi
Dea Goddess, Valley, Kindness
Deaarshi Goddess Lakshmi
Deana Hollow, Valley, Variant of Diana, Divine
Deanda Strong and Womanly
Deandra Blend of Deanne Plus Variants of Andrea and Sandra
Deandrea Strong and Womanly
Deandria Strong and Womanly
Deann Divine
Deanna Divine, Valley, Variant of Diana
Dearbhail True Desire
Debabandya One who is Worshiped by Gods
Debadrita Who is Lover of God.,
Debadyuti Light of God
Debali Princess
Debangana Daughter of God
Debangi Organ of God
Debaniya Lords Daughter
Debanjali Daughter of God,
Debanjana Eyeliner of Goddess Durga Eyes
Debanshi Deva Ansh
Debara Bumble Bee
Debarpita Render to the God,
Debashmi God Name
Debashmita One who can smile and make people smile like God
Debasma Breathing of God
Debasmita Sweet of God, Smile Like Goddess
Debatri Prayer of God
Debbi A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debbie A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debby A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debera A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debi Goddess
Debina Discreet, Enrich, Impressive, Advantage
Debjani God of Travel, Daughter of the Goddess
Debleena Extreme Faith in God
Debomita Friend of God
Debopriya God's Favourite, Gods favorite

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