Baby Girl names starting with D

Baby Girl names starting with letter D - 1627 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with D, view all 1627 names.

Baby Girl names starting with D - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Darra Oak Tree, Small Great One, Riches, Princess
Darrah Wise, Feminine Form from the Male Dara
Darrbey Park with Deer
Darrbie Park with Deer
Darrby Park with Deer
Darrelle Darling, Female Version of Darius
Darrellyn Darling, Dearly Loved
Darrill Darling, Dearly Loved
Darsani Worth Looking at
Darshani Worth Looking at, The one who blessed
Darshee Blessings, Lord Krishna, Moonlight
Darshika Viewer, Intelligent, Perceiver
Darshini One who Blesses, Lord Krishna
Darshita Sight, Seen, Vision, Display, Good Morning
Darshna Worth of Seeing, Pray to God
Darshni The One who Blesses
Daru Alcohol, Wine
Darvish Humble Being, Religious Beggar
Darylene Darling, Dearly Loved
Daryllyn Beloved, Beautiful
Darylyn Darling, Dearly Loved
Dashami Tenth Day According to the Hindu Calender
Dashani 10th Day of Paksha in Hindu Calendar
Dashmeet Loving All People
Dasmeet Clever
Datini Donetor
Datri Happiness
Davana Flower, Fruit
Davia Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davianna Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davida Beloved, Feminine of David, Friend, Darling
Davina Beloved, Feminine Form of David, Loved One
Davinah Cherished
Davine Beloved, The Loved, Form of David
Davinia Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davinya Beloved
Davita Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davonna Beloved, Feminine Form of David

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