Baby Girl names starting with 'D'

Baby Girl names starting with letter D - 1627 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with D, view all 1627 names.

Name Meaning Like
Daani Light Green
Daarina Love, Kindness, Beautiful
Dabora Baptist of Bible
Dacia Purple Flower, From the South, Place Name
Dadhichi Name of a sage
Dadhija Daughter of Milk,
Daelyn Small Valley
Daena From Denmark, Similar to Daniel
Daesgesage Day's Eye
Dafina Valuable, Precious Item
Dagian Dawn
Dagmar Joy of the Danes, Day's Glory, Glorious
Dagmara Wonderful Soul, Sublime Soul
Dagna As Beautiful as the Day, New Day
Dahab Gold
Dahah Beauty
Dahi Curd, Beautiful
Dahma She was a Scholar of Religion and had Learnt from her Brother Al-imam Al-mahdi
Dahna Lady, From the Respectful Title Donna
Dai Great
Daiba Assiduous, Persistent, Devoted
Daifa Defence
Daile Valley
Daina From Denmark, Similar to Daniel,
Dainy Beautiful
Daisee Eye of the Day
Daisey Eye of the Day, Flower Name, Day's Eye
Daisha Pretty and Friendly Woman
Daisi Eye of the Day, Day's Eye, Daisy
Daisie Eye of the Day, Day's Eye
Daivi Pious Soul, Pious soule
Daiya Caller for Islam
Daizy Flower, Girl, Eye of the Day
Dajana Divine, Heavenly
Dajshi Glorious
Daka To Eat Something
Dakini Witch

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