Baby Girl names starting with C

Baby Girl names starting with letter C - 1286 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with C, view all 1286 names.

Baby Girl names starting with C - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Carra Dear-one, Friend
Carrie Melody, Song, Form of Carol, Manly
Carrigan Little Rock, Spear, Black
Carrina Little Darling
Carrissa Very Dear
Carrolin Free Woman
Carroline Free Woman
Carrolyn Little and Womanly
Caryl Song of Joy, Womanly
Caryll Little and Womanly
Caryn Pure, Modern Variant of Karen
Caryne Little, Darling, Beloved, Pure
Carynn Pure, Modern Variant of Karen
Carys Love
Casandra Unheeded Prophetess
Casidhe Clever
Casie Watchful, From Cayce
Casilda Of the Home, Dwelling Place, A Saint Name
Cass From Cassandra, Prophetess, Pure
Cassandra Prophet of Doom, Prophetess
Cassandre Prophetess, From Cassandra
Cassandrea Unheeded Prophetess
Cassey Pure
Cassi Prophet of Doom
Cassidy Clever, Curly Headed, Curly-headed
Cassiopea Variant of Cassiopeia
Cassondra Prophet of Doom, Form of Cassandra
Catalina Pure, Proud, Warlike
Cataline Pure
Catalyn Pure, Clear
Catarina Pure, Clear, Torture

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