Baby Girl names starting with 'C'

Baby Girl names starting with letter C - 1286 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with C, view all 1286 names.

Name Meaning Like
Cadee Pure, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds
Cadena With Rhythm
Cadhla Beautiful
Cady Simple Happiness, Hillock
Caela Slender, From the Forest
Caelan Girl, Lass
Caetlin Pure, Torture
Caetlyn From the Pure Pool
Caia To Rejoice, Sea
Caieta Nursed Aeneas
Caila Slender, From the Forest
Caileigh Slender, From the Forest
Cailey Beloved
Cailie Beloved
Cailley Slender, From the Forest
Cailyn Pure Beauty
Cait Pure, Variant of Katherine
Caitlan Pure, Similar to Katherine
Caitland Pure, Similar to Katherine
Caitlen Pure
Caitlin Pure, The Celtic Form of Catherine
Caitlind Pure
Caitlyn Pure, Form of Catherine, Pure Beauty
Caitria Pure
Caitrin Pure, Similar to Katherine
Caitryn Pure
Caja To Rejoice, Sea, Chicken, Hen
Calah Favourable, Opportunity
Calama Beauty, Pen
Caleigh Slender
Calen The Sparrow-hawk Bird
Cali Most Beautiful, Diminutive of Calista
Caliana A Moorish Princess for whom a Splendid Palace was Built in Spain
Calida Warm and Loving, Most Beautiful
Calinda Contemporary Blend of the Italian and Greek Calandra with Linda
Calise A Gorgeous Woman
Calita The One who is Loved
Callen Powerful in Battle

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