Baby Girl names starting with 'Br'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Br - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Br, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'Br' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Braahmi Sacred, Holy, A kind of plant
Bracha Blessing
Bracken Fern
Bradleigh Broad Field
Braelyn A Combination of Braeden and Lynn
Brahan Big
Brahmacharini Seeker of Brahman
Brahmani Wife of Lord Brahma, Saraswathi
Brahmattmika Daughter of Brahma,
Brahmavaadini Present Everywhere, Goddess Parvati
Brahmavathi The one who knows the supreme
Brahmcharini Seeker of Brahman
Brahmi Holy, The Sakti of Brahma, Sacred
Brahmini Goddess
Brahmistha The Highest Form of Absolute
Brahmneet Absorbed in Gods Love
Brahmputri Daughter of Brahma
Branda Distilled Wine
Brandais Name of a Liquor
Brande Firebrand, Name of a Liquor
Brandea Name of a Liquor
Brandee Beverage Brandy
Brandelyn Beverage Brandy
Brandi Beverage Brandy, Warm and Comforting
Brandice Combination of Brandi and Candice
Brandie Beverage Brandy, Sweet Nectar
Brandilyn Beverage Brandy
Brandy Beverage Brandy, Name of a Liquor
Brandyce Beverage Brandy
Brandye Name of a Liquor
Branndais Name of a Liquor

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