Baby Girl names starting with 'Ba'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ba - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ba, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Baageshawaree A Raga, Beauty
Baageshree Beauty
Baageshwari A Musical Raga in Carnatic
Baaji Game
Baalaa Child, Young
Baalaamani Young
Baalaamjali Small Gold
Baani Earth, Goddess Saraswati, Maiden
Baano Lady, Princess
Baanuraekha Sun Rays
Baanvi Victory
Babaljeet Full with Love
Babay Small kid
Babbe Mother
Babel Confusion, Mixture
Babeta Little Girl / Daughter
Babetta Foreign Woman
Babhravi Victorious, Carrying
Babie Princess / Queen
Babirye Esther Babirye is a name given to a twin who is a she
Babita Polite
Babitha Peaceful
Bableen Imbued in Lord's Name
Babli Lovely, Chubby
Babs Strange, Diminutive of Barbara
Babuli Joy, Happiness
Baby Infant
Bachendri The Sense of Speech
Badai Wonder, Marvel, Plural of Badia
Badanika Wish, Relax
Badarika Safe, The jujube fruit
Badarivasa Another Name of Durga
Baddur Little Full Moon
Badeeah Astonishing, Amazing, Marvel, Wonder
Badhariya Angel of God
Badi'a Unprecedented, admirable, unique

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