Baby Girl names starting with 'B'

Baby Girl names starting with letter B - 1419 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with B, view all 1419 names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'B' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Belot Many
Bemadette She has the Courage of a Bear
Bena Wise, Pheasant
Benafsha Rose
Benazeer Matchless, Unique
Benazir Incomparable, Matchless, Peerless
Bengta Blessed
Benicia Blessed One
benigne Well Born, Kindly
Benisha Flashing
Benita Blessed, Good Person
Bente Blessed, Form of Benedict
Beortbtraed Bright Counselor
Berdina Glorious
Berdine Bright, Glowing Maiden
Berenike True Image, Victory Bringer
Bergit To Help
Beritt The Exalted One
Berka Increase, Growth, Breeding
Berlinda Warrior
Berna Bear, Courageous, Brave Like a Bear
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernadina Bear, Courageous, Feminine of Bernard
Bernadine Strong, Brave as a Bear, Courageous
Bernarda Feminine of Bernard
Bernardette Strong, Brave Bear, Bold as a Bear
Bernardina Bear, Courageous, Brave as a Bear, Strong
Bernardine Bear-hard, Brave as a Bear
Berneice She who Brings Victory
Bernhardina Brave Like a Bear, Strong Bear
Berni One who Brings Victory
Bernice Bringer of Victory
Berrie Noble and Shining, Pale Green Gemstone
Berrte Bright
Berrti Bright

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