Baby Girl names starting with 'B'

Baby Girl names starting with letter B - 1419 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with B, view all 1419 names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'B' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
basira Sagacious, Endowed with Insight, Wise
Basma A Smile
Basmah A Smile
Basmat Smile
Bassama Smiling, Feminine of Bassam
Bassima Smiling
Basuri Flute
Basus She-camel
Bathild Woman Warrior, Heroine, Bold Battle
Bathilda Woman Warrior, Heroine, Bold Battle
Bathool Name of Prophet Muhammad's Daughter
Bathshira Seventh Girl-child
Batilda Woman Warrior, Bright Battle
Batina Hidden, Inner
Batool Ascetic Virgin, Maiden
Batoul Virgin
Batrisyia Intelligent
Batul Ascetic Virgin, Virgin, Kind, Immaculate
Batula Virgin
Baubie Strange, Foreign, Diminutive of Barbara
Baumathi Extremely Knowledgeable, Gift,
Bavana Feeling
Bavanya Goddess Durga, Meditation, Concentration
Bavataraani Bavam is World and Tarani is with High Calibre
Bavina Adventurous, Confident
Bavisha Future, Futuristic
Bavishya Future, Futures of parent
Bavita Person who Knows Future, Oracle
Bawri Madness, Loving Like Mad
Baysan To Walk with Pride
Bazala Generous Woman
Bea Form of Beatrice, Bringer of Joy, Traveler
Beadu Warrior Maid
Beata Blessed
Beatka Blessed
Beatrice Blessed, Bringer of Joy

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