Baby Girl names starting with 'B'

Baby Girl names starting with letter B - 1419 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with B, view all 1419 names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'B' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Bahareh Sprint Flower, Bringer of Spring
Bahati Luck or be Lucky, Good Fortune
Baheera Dazzling, Brilliant
Bahia Nice
Bahieh Boat to the Sun
Bahiga Glad, Happy, Joyful, Variant of Bahija
Bahija Glad, Happy, Joyful
Bahijah Magnificent, Splendid
Bahira Sparkling, Dazzling, Brilliant
Bahirah Dazzling, Brilliant, Noble Lady
Bahirat Delicate Woman
Bahiya Beautiful
Bahiyaa Beautiful, Radiant
Bahiyah Beautiful, From Kikuyu
Bahiyya Beautiful in Arabic
Bahja Happiness
Bahraman Ruby, A Light Pink to Blood Red Gemstone
Bahria Water, Beautiful, Gray
Bahudha A river
Bahugandha One with Lot of Scent
Baidehi Sita
Baijayanti Flag, Garland of Lord Vishnu
Bairagi Independent
Bairavi Goddess Durga
Baisakhi Of the Month Baishakh, Sweet name
Baishali An Ancient City,
Baji Joyful
Bajila Honoured, Dignified, Highly Regarded
Bakhita Lucky, Fortunate, Feminine of Bakhit
Bakhs Gift
Bakuli Resembles a Crane, Blossom
Balaa Force, Power, Energy
Balaja Jasmine, Beautiful, Born of strength
Balee Cute Child
Baleegha Eloquent, Lasting
Baligha Eloquent, Lasting
Balika Daughter
Balini Powerful, Strong

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