Baby Girl names starting with 'Ag'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ag - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ag, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'Ag' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Agace Good
Agaja Mountainous, Born on a mountain
Agalaia Splendor
Agalvili Broad Eye, Wide Eye
Agalya Lovable, Light, Accommodations, Adaptation
Agamdeep Beyond Limits
Agamya Knowledge, Wisdom
Aganagai A Semiprecious Stone, Inner Happiness
Aganaya Goddess Lakshmi
Aganee Fire
Agape Love and affection
Agarthika Shine
Agas Good
Agasthi A Learned Lady
Agasya Name of a Maharshi
Agate A semiprecious stone
Agatha Good
Agda Good, Honorable, Kind
Agga Good, Honorable, Kind
Aggie Sacred, chaste
Aghala Pleasing
Aghanashini Destroyer of sins
Aghanya Goddess Lakshmi
Agharid Twittering
Aghid Delicate, Young, Mistress
Aghigh Name of a Stone
Aghla Dearer
Aghsan Branch, Twig, Plural of Ghusn
Agila Globe, World, Humankind
Agilaa Globe, World, Humankind
Aglaja Splendor, Brightness
Agmaya Born from Fire, Knowledge
Agnaeyie Daughter of Fire
Agnaya Born from Fire, New Fire
Agnayi Fiery, The Wige of Agni

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