Baby Girl names starting with 'Af'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Af - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Af, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'Af' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Afaaf Chaste, Virtuous, Decent, Pure
Afak Please
Afana The Forgiver, Pardoner
Afareen Worth of Praising
Afarin Praise, To Create
Afarin Miniga
Afeefa Maiden, Chaste, Honest, Upright
Afeefah Virtuous, Pure, Chaste, Modest, Holy in Life
Afeerah Covered with soil, Dust (1)
Afeeza One who Know the Recital of Quaran
Afet Lovable
Affaf Pure
Affera Colour of the Earth, Young Deer
Affery Colour of the Earth, Young Deer, Dust
Affra Colour of Earth, Young Deer
Afia Born on Friday, From Ewe, Vitality, Wealth
Afifa Honest, Upright, Virtuous, Pure, Chaste
Afifah Chaste, Pure
Afina Young
Afiyah Health, Free from Illness and Grief
Afizah A Person who Knows the Recital of the Quran
Afla Intelignt
Aflak Heavenly Bodies
Aflaq Light of the Morning
Afna Tree Branch of Heaven
Afnaan Tree of Jannah
Afni Sweet
afra White, Colour of Earth, Young Deer, Dust
Afra' White
Afraah White, Bright
Afraima Fertile
Afreda Elf Counselor
Afreed Precious
Afrida Created, Produced
Afrin Happiness, Praise, Lucky, Brave
Afroza Quintessence of Fire, Brightened
Afsaana Story

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