German Baby Girl Names

3677 German Baby Girl names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 3677 German Baby Girl names to name your baby on 2022.

German Baby Girl Names | 3600+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Aalina Nice
Abeline It Resembles Grass
Adabelle Noble Kind
Adalet Justice
Adalheida Sweet or Noble
Adali Noble
Adalicia Of the Nobility, Noble
Adalina Saint, Noble Kind, Small Winged One
Adaline Noble, Kind
Adaliz Of the Nobility, Noble
Adallina Noble, Kind
Adalyn Noble, Of the Nobility, Similar to Adela
Addalla Noble, Kind
Addey Noble, Kind
Addiah Noble, Kind
Adeena Goddess, Good Luck, Pious
Adela Nobility, Noble Kind, Softer
Adelaid Noble Kind
Adelaida Noble
Adelaide Noble
Adele Nobility, Noble Kind, Soft, Sweet
Adelena Noble Kind
Adelgunda Noble Warrior
Adelgunde Noble, Honorable, Fight
Adelheid Sweet, Noble, Of a Noble Kind, Noble Sort
Adelheide Sweet, Noble
Adelia Of the Nobility, Noble Kind, Kind
Adelice Noble, Kind, Noble Sort
Adelicia Noble, Kind, Noble Sort
Adelin Noble Kind
Adelina Noble Kind, Adornment, Nobility
Adelinda Noble, Sweet, Noble Serpent
Adeline Noble, Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Sweet
Adelis Noble, Kind, Noble Sort
Adeliz Powerful, Complete, Amazing
Adell Noble, Kind
Adella Noble, Nobility
Adellah Noble, Kind
Adelle Noble, Form of Adelaide
Adelyn Exalted Nature, Noble

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