Gaelic Baby Girl Names

191 Gaelic Baby Girl names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 191 Gaelic Baby Girl names to name your baby on 2021.

Gaelic Baby Girl Names | 100+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Aden Fire
Afton From the Afton River, Place Name
Ahearn Worldly, Knowledgeable
Ainsleigh Place Name, Own Meadow
Alaina Dear child
Alanna Fair
Alayna Beautiful, Princess
Ariana Pledge, Land of Arians, Noble, Pure
Ariee The Long Field, Pledge
Arieen Man, Pledge, Oath
Arien Man, Pledge
Ariena Man, Pledge
Arieta Man, Pledge, Oath
Arlene Pledge, Oath
Arleyne Man, Pledge
Arlina Pledge, Oath, Man
Arlinda Modern Blend of Arlene and Linda, Man
Arline Pledge, Oath, Man, Rocky Meadow
Arluene Man, Pledge
Arlyne Pledge, Oath
Arlynn Man, Pledge
Aynslee Place Name, Own Meadow
Breen Fairy Palace
Bren Burning, Raven, Black Haired, Stinking Hair
Brenn Burning, Raven, Black Haired, Stinking Hair
Brenna Little Raven, Sword, Raven Maid
Bria Noble, Strong, Hill
Briana Noble, Virtuous, The Feminine of Brian
Brianna Strong, Hill, Noble, Virtuous, High, Exalted
Bridget Strength, Power, Strong Willed
Bridgett Exalted One, Strength
Bridgette Power, Strength
Brigid Power and Virtue, Exalted One
Brigida Strength
Brigitt Strength, Power, To Help, The Exalted One
Brigitta Strength, Power, To Help, The Exalted One
Brita Strength, Power, Exalted One, To Help
Britta Exalted One, Strength, To Help, Power
Caela Slender, From the Forest
Caelan Girl, Lass

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