Gaelic Baby Names

744 Gaelic Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 744 Gaelic Baby names to name your baby on 2021.

Gaelic Baby Names | 700+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Adair Form of Edgar, From the Oak Tree Ford Boy
Aden Fire Girl
Afton From the Afton River, Place Name Girl
Ahearn Worldly, Knowledgeable Girl
Aidan Lord of All Universes, Superior, Mystery Boy
Ailbhe Boy/Girl
Ailean Fair, Handsome, Rock, Comely Boy
Ailen Made of Oak, Handsome Boy
Ailin Fair, Handsome, Rock, Comely Boy
Aine Boy/Girl
Ainsleigh Place Name, Own Meadow Girl
Alain Handsome, Rock, Comely Boy
Alaina Dear child Girl
Alann Rock, Comely, Little Rock, Handsome Boy
Alanna Fair Girl
Alasdair A Scottish Gaelic Similar to Alexander from the Greek Boy
Alastair Defender of Men Boy
Alaster Defender of Man, Man's Defender Boy
Alayna Beautiful, Princess Girl
Alby A City on a White Hill, White, Fair Boy
Alen Fair, Handsome Boy
Alin Fair, Handsome Boy
Alistair Variant of Alexander, Defender of Mankind Boy
Alistaire Defender of Mankind, Similar to Alexander Boy
Allan Harmony, Stone, Noble, Fair, Little Rock Boy
Allayne Fair, Handsome Boy
Alleyn Fair, Handsome Boy
Alleyne Fair, Handsome Boy
Allie Rock, Comely Boy
Allin Fair, Handsome Boy
Allister Defender of Man, Man's Defender, Warrior Boy
Allon An Oak, Strong, Rock, Comely, Oak Tree Boy
Allyn Handsome, Comely, Little Rock Boy
Alon Fair, Handsome Boy
Alpin Boy/Girl
Angus Unique Choice, Exceptional, Outstanding Boy
Aoibheann Boy/Girl
arian Spares, Pledge, Oath, Golden Life Boy
Ariana Pledge, Land of Arians, Noble, Pure Girl
Ariee The Long Field, Pledge Girl

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