French Baby Girl Names

2730 French Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 2730 French Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

French Baby Girl Names | 2700+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Abeline It Resembles Grass
Ablah Perfectly Formed
Abrielle Female Version of Abraham
Adalicia Of the Nobility, Noble
Adaliz Of the Nobility, Noble
Adalyn Noble, Of the Nobility, Similar to Adela
Adaya One who is Always First and Best
Adela Nobility, Noble Kind, Softer
Adelaida Noble
Adelaide Noble
Adelia Of the Nobility, Noble Kind, Kind
Adelisa Of the Nobility, Noble
Adelynn Noble, Variant of Adela
Adette Sweet, Noble
Adila Equal, Just, Upright
Adilene Noble, Variant of Adela
Adine Noble, Tender, Delicate, Brightness
Adna Pleasure, Delight, In the Bible
Adolfina Noble Hero
Adolphine Noble Wolf, Female Version of Adolph
Adonia Beautiful, Feminine of Adonis, Attractive
Adria Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Adriane From Hadria, Dark
Adrianna Dark, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Adrianne From Hadria, Dark
Adriene From Hadria, Dark
Adrienna Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Adrienne Dark One
Afia Born on Friday, From Ewe, Vitality, Wealth
Afifa Honest, Upright, Virtuous, Pure, Chaste
Agda Good, Honorable, Kind
Agnieszka Pure, Holy, Chaste
Agustina Majestic, Grand, Born in August
Aicha Enthusiasm
Aimee Beloved, Amazing, Talented
Aini Spring, Flower, Source, The Eye
Aischa Alive
Aissa Wonderful
Akilah Intelligent, Logical

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