Finnish Baby Boy Names

661 Finnish Baby Boy names available with name meaning. Browse all 661 Finnish Baby Boy names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Like
Aari Mountain
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child
Absalom God the Father of Peace
Adel Righteous, Upright, Sincere, Justice, Noble
Adolf Noble Majesty Wolf
Ahti Noble Wolf, Evening, God of Sea
Aimo Fair-sized, Proper, Good
Aki Autumn, Bright, Short Form of Joakim
Akim God will Establish, God will Judge, Wise
Aksel Father of Peace
Aksu Defender of Man
Alarik Powerful Ruler, Noble Leader, Old
Alban From Alba, A City on a White Hill
Albert Noble and Bright, Highborn, Brilliant
Aleks Defender of Man, Defending Men
Aleksej Warrior, Man's Defender
Aleksi Helper of Man, Defender of Mankind
Alex Form of Alexander
Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind
Alexis Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alfons Ready for Battle, Ready, Noble and Ready
Alfonsus Ready for Battle, Noble, Ready
Alfred Wise Counsellor, Name of a King
Ali God, Excellent, Noble, Sublime, Light, Lofty
Allan Harmony, Stone, Noble, Fair, Little Rock
Alva Noble Friend, Elf, Brilliance, Brightness
Alvar Truth-speaker, Guardian, Warrior, Elf
Alvi Fan of Hazrat Ali (RA)
Amadeus Loved by God, God's Love
Amal Expectation, Bird, Hard Work, Bright, Clean
Amanda Active
Ammon Teacher, Builder, The Hidden One, Kindred
Amon Faithful, True, Educator, Builder, Teacher
Anastasius Reborn, Resurrection
Anders Manly, Priceless, Brave, Warrior
Andres Manly, Warrior, Masculine, Brave
Andris Warrior, Manly, Brave, Masculine
Andrus Man, Warrior
Anirudra Producing the New Thing, Lord Shiva

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