English Baby names starting with 'W'

English Baby names starting with W - 771 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

English Baby names starting with 'W' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Wacca Boy
Wace Boy
Wacian Watchful Boy
Wackrill Girl
Wada Advancer Boy
Wadda Boy
Waddsworth From the Village Near the Ford Boy
Wade To Go, Ford, Moving Boy
Wadell Boy
Wadia Gentle, Friendly, Peaceful Boy
Wadley From Wade's Meadow Boy
Wadsworth From Wade's Estate Boy
Waed Advancer Boy
Waefreleah From the Quaking Aspen Tree Meadow Boy
Waels Boy
Waer Wary Boy
Wain Craftsman, Wagon Builder Boy
Wainright Wagon-builder Boy
Waite Guard Boy
Waiyne Boy
Wake Alert, Watchman Boy
Wakefield From the Damp Field Boy
Wakelea From the Damp Meadow Boy
Wakeleigh From the Damp Meadow Boy
Wakeley From the Damp Meadow Boy
Wakelin Boy
Wakely From the Damp Meadow Boy
Wakeman Watchman Boy
Wakler Thickener of Cloth Boy
Walbridge From the Welshman's Bridge Boy
Walburga Power, Strong Protection Girl
Walby From the Welshman's Dwellings Boy
Walcot Lives in the Welshman's Cottage Boy
Walcott From the Cottage by the Wall Boy
Waldef Boy
Waldemar Famous Ruler Boy
Walden From the Wooden Valley, Powerful Boy
Waldere Boy
Waldi From the Wooden Valley Boy
Walding Boy

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