English Baby names starting with 'V'

English Baby names starting with V - 155 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

English Baby names starting with 'V' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Vachel Little Cow, From French Boy
Vadalon Boy
vagor Boy
Vaibhav Prosperity, Intelligence, Desire, Fortunate Boy
Vaile From the Valley Boy
Vaill From the Valley Boy
Val Power, Strong, Healthy Boy
Vala Chosen, Singled out Girl
Valdin Boy
Valen Strong, Variant of Valentinus Boy
Valens Boy
Valentine Strong, Courageous, Healthy Boy
Valentyne Boy
Valerie To be Strong, Valiant, Brave, Valor Girl
Valery Healthy, Strong, Brave Girl
Valiann Lord Girl
Valle Valley, Usually with a Stream Boy
Vallen Strong, Variant of Valentinus Boy
Vance Very High Places, From the Marshland Boy
Vanessa Genus of Butterfly, Star, Coined from Girl
Vania Butterfly Girl
Vanna Butterfly, Diminutive of Vanessa Girl
Vannah Good, Attractive Girl
Vannes Grain Fans Boy
Vanny Butterfly, From Phanessa Girl
Vanor Boy
Vanora White Wavess, White Wave Girl
Vanse Boy
Vanya The Lord is Gracious, Flute Girl
Varden From the Green Hill Boy
Vardon From the Green Hill Boy
Vareck From the Fortress Boy
Varek From the Fortress Boy
Varik From the Fortress Boy
Varro Boy
Vaughn Small, Little Boy
Vayle Lives in the Valley, From the Vale Boy
Velanie Mother Mary Girl
Velma Resolute Protector, Will, Desire, Helmet Girl
Velouette Soft Girl

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