English Baby names starting with 'I'

English Baby names starting with I - 290 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

English Baby names starting with 'I' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Ian God is Gracious Boy
Ianthe Violet Coloured Flower, Violet Flower Girl
Ibba Boy
Ibbe Girl
Ibbet Girl
Ibbi Boy
Ibbot Girl
Ibot Girl
Ibrahim My Father is Exalted Boy
Icel Boy
Idal From the Yew Tree Valley Boy
Idaleen Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idalene Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idalia Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idalina Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking, Labor, Work Girl
Idaline Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idalou Girl
Idalya Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idalyne Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idana Girl
Idane Girl
Iddes Girl
Ide Prosperous, Happy, Thirst, Goodness Girl
Idell Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking Girl
Idella Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking, Work, Labour Girl
Idelle Prosperous, Happy, Bountiful, Hardworking Girl
Idena Girl
Ideny Girl
Ider Boy
Idetta Prosperous, Happy, Hard Working Girl
Idette Hard Working, Prosperous, Happy Girl
Idina From Edinburgh, Scotland Girl
Idla Battle Girl
Idnerth Boy
Idon Girl
Idona Girl
Idone Hard Working Girl
Idonea Suitable, Again to Love Girl
Idonia Industrious, Loving One Girl
Idonie Girl

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