English Baby names starting with 'G'

English Baby names starting with G - 840 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

English Baby names starting with 'G' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Gabi God's Able-bodied One Girl
Gabran Boy
Gabrie God is My Strength Girl
Gabriel Christian, God is My Strength Boy
Gabriell God's Able-bodied One Boy
Gabriella God Gives Strength, Heroine of God Girl
Gadd Boy
Gaelle Stranger, Foreigner, Cheerful, Happy, White Girl
Gaena Boy
Gaera Boy
Gaete Boy
Gafa Boy
Gaheris Boy
Gaidon Boy
Gaige Surety, Pledge, Moneylender Boy
Gail Lively, My Father is Joy, God is Joy Girl
Gaila Joyful, My Father is Joyful Girl
Gaile Cheerful, Happy, Foreigner, Stranger Boy
Gailen Girl
Gaines Increase in Wealth Girl
Gais Happy Boy
Galen Healer, Festive Party Girl
Galfrid Boy
Galfridus Boy
Galiana Haughty, Light Girl
Galiena Light, High One Girl
Galiene Girl
Galina Light, Shining, Calm, Shining Brightly Girl
Galitt Girl
Galleron Boy
Gallton Owner of a Rented Land Boy
Gallun Boy
Galt From the Town on the High Ground Boy
Galton From the Town on the High Ground Boy
Galvin Sparrow, Brilliantly White Boy
Gamal Camel, Handsome Boy
Gamaliel Recompense of God, Camel of God Boy
Gamel Boy
Gamela Boy
Gann Light Skinned, Spear Protector Boy

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