English Baby names starting with 'C'

English Baby names starting with C - 1273 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

English Baby names starting with 'C' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Cabail Boy
Cabe Rope-maker, A Cape Boy
Cada Boy
Cadal Boy
Cadby From the Warrior's Settlement Boy
Cadda Warring Boy
Cadee Pure, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds Girl
Cadell Battle Boy
Caden Barrel, Fighter, The Spirit of Battle Boy
Cadena With Rhythm Girl
Cadey Girl
Cadman Warrior Boy
Cador Boy
Cadwal Boy
Cadwallader Battle Leader Boy
Cadwgan Battle Glory Boy
Cadwgon Boy
Cady Simple Happiness, Hillock Girl
Caedmon Poet, Wise Warrior Boy
Caelin Powerful Warrior Boy
Caerda Boy
Caesar Form of Cesar, Long Haired, Hairy, Hirsute Boy
Caesaria Girl
Caetti Boy
Cafa Boy
Cain Craftsman, Warrior's Son, Spear, Archaic Boy
Caindale From the Clear River Valley Boy
Caine Gatherer Boy
Cait Pure, Variant of Katherine Girl
Caitlyn Pure, Form of Catherine, Pure Beauty Girl
Caius Happy, Rejoice, Lord Boy
Cal Courageous, Adorable, Well Known, Awesome Boy
Calbert Cowherd, Cowboy Boy
Calder Cold Brook, Rough Waters, Stream Boy
Caldre Cold Brook Boy
Caldwell From the Cold Spring, Near a Cold Well Boy
Cale Dog, Bold, Surname Derived from Charles Boy
Caledon Boy
Calen The Sparrow-hawk Bird Girl
Calhoun Warrior, Place Name Boy

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