English Baby Names

16541 English Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 16541 English Baby names to name your baby on 2022.

English Baby Names | 16500+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Alianora Queen of Heaven Girl
Alianore Girl
Alice Nobility, Delicate and Beautiful, Truthful Girl
Aliceson Son of All Boy
Alid Horse Lover Girl
Alienna Light Girl
Alieva Girl
Alin Fair, Handsome Boy
Alisa Kind Type, God is Salvation, Sun Girl
Alisander Defender, Protector of Mankind Boy
Alisandre Boy
Alisanne Truthful, Variation of Alice, Noble Girl
Alisceon Girl
Alise Of the Nobility, Truthful, Nobel Girl
Alisia Noble Kind, Exalted, Noble Sort Girl
Alisone Girl
Alisse Truthful, Variant of Alice Girl
Alistair Variant of Alexander, Defender of Mankind Boy
Alita Small Winged One, Truthful, Nobel Girl
Alith Short Form of Alitha Girl
Aliua Girl
Aliva Elf army Girl
Alkott From the Old Cottage Boy
Alla An Angel, Name of Truth, Defender, Nobility Girl
Allan Harmony, Stone, Noble, Fair, Little Rock Boy
Allard Brave, Highborn and Courageous Boy
Allaryce Rules All, Female Version of Alaric Girl
Allayne Fair, Handsome Boy
Allcot From the Old Cottage Boy
Alldred Old Counsel Boy
Alldrich Old Leader, Old Ruler, Long Term Ruler Boy
Alldridge Old Leader Boy
Alleyn Fair, Handsome Boy
Alleyne Fair, Handsome Boy
Allfie Elf Power Girl
Allfreda Elf Power Girl
Allfrieda Elf Power Girl
Allfry Elf Power Girl
Allfy Elf Power Girl
Allgar Spear from the Elves, Elf Spear Boy

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