Egyptian Baby Boy Names

50 Egyptian Baby Boy names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 50 Egyptian Baby Boy names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Like
Abasi Stern
Abubakar Noble
Aldun Gentle Man
Amen Personification of the Power of the Universe and God of a United Egypt
Ammon Teacher, Builder, The Hidden One, Kindred
Amun Trustworthy, God of Mystery, Strong, Bold
Aten Sun Disk
Haithem Young Eagle
Hamadi One who is Praised
Hanbal Pristine, Purity
Hanif Orthodox, Pious
Hasaan Form of Hassan
Hazm Digestion
Husani Handsome
Ishaq Laughs, A Prophet's Name
Isis Powerful, The Supreme God
Issa The Messiah, From Kikuyu, God Saves
Jafari Dignified, Creek, From Kikuyu
Lateef Gentle, Kind, Pleasant
Lukman A Prophet
Masud Fortunate, Lucky, Happy, Blessed
Nassor Victorious, Supporter
Ptolemy Name of a Pharaoh, Aggressive
Sayyad Hunter
Shaker Thankful Person
Shakir Thankful, Grateful
Sual Asked for
Thabit Firm, Strong, Established
Tota Parrot
Ubaid Faithful
Uthman A Baby Bustard Bird
Yahya God's Gift, Living, Given by God, John
Zahur Flower, Eminent, Bright and Shining

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