Dutch Baby names starting with T

Dutch Baby names starting with T - 39 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Dutch Baby names starting with T - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Tabitha Gazelle, Roe, Beauty, Grace, Roe-buck Girl
Tage Day Boy
Talitha Young Girl, Young Woman, Little Girl, Child Girl
Tanja Fairy Queen, The Short Form of Tatiana Girl
Terry Smooth, Ruler of the People Boy
Tessa Harvester, Theresa, Fourth Child, Countess Girl
Theo Gift of God, Bold People Boy
Theodora Gift of God, Divine Gift, God's Gift Girl
Theodore God's Gift, Divine Gift, Gift of God Boy
Theodoric People's Ruler, Ruler of the Army Boy
Theodorus God's Gift, Gift from God Boy
Theodosia Gift of God Girl
Theresa Harvester, Summer, One who Reaps, Reaper Girl
Therese Summer, To Harvest, Form of Theresa Girl
Theresia Reap, Harvester Girl
Thieda Girl
Thomas Twin Boy
Thorald Thor Ruler, Follower of Thor Boy
Tim One who Honors God, To Fear God Boy
Timo To Fear God, Form of Timothy, Honoring God Boy
Timotheus Valued of God, Form of Timothy Boy
Timothy To Fear God, Honoring God, Name of a Saint Boy
Titus Giant, New Testament Character Boy
Tobias The Lord is Good Boy
Tom Twin, Form of Thomas, Honest Boy
Tomas Twin, A Form of Thomas Boy
Toni Beyond Price, Invaluable, Twin, Priceless Boy
Tonia Flourishing, Female Version of Anthony Girl
Tonnie Priceless Boy
Tonny Twin, Priceless Boy
Tory Watchtower, Winner, From the Craggy Hills Boy
Trijntje Boy/Girl
Tristan Tumult, Sad, Outcry Boy
Trudy Beloved, Diminutive of Gertrude Girl
Telly Wise, Best, Pet Form of Theodore Boy
Tecla Renowned Fame, Fame of God, Glory of God Girl
Tine War-like, Female Version of Martin Girl
Toby Lord is Good, Goodness of the Lord Boy
Tommy Twin, Form of Thomas Boy

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