Dutch Baby names starting with S

Dutch Baby names starting with S - 68 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Dutch Baby names starting with S - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Saar Explanation Girl
Sabastian From Sebaste, Revered Boy
Sabrina From the Border, Sword Like Girl
Salomon Peaceful, Variant of Shalom Boy
Samson Bright as the Sun, Sun Child, Like the Sun Boy
Samuel Asked of God, Told by God Boy
San Sun, Lord Shiva, Old Boy
Sandra Form of Alexander Girl
Sanna Truth, Lily- a Flower Name Girl
Sanne Lily Flower Girl
Sarah Princess, Lady, Woman of High Rank, Pure Girl
Sascha Defending Men, Protector of Mankind Girl
Saskia Valley of Light, Protector of Mankind Girl
Schuyler Scholar, Shelter, Shield, Protection Boy
Scott From Scotland, A Scotsman, From Boy
Seburg Girl
Sibilla Prophetess, Oracle Girl
Sibylla Seer, Oracle, Prophetess Girl
Sigrid Peace, Beautiful, Fair, Fair Victory Girl
Silvain Wood Dweller, Of the Forest Boy
Silvia Forest, From the Forest, Woodland, Maid Girl
Simen Obedient, Listening Intently Boy
Simeon Obeys, God has Listen, Listening Intently Boy
Simon Listening Intently, He who has Heard Boy
Simone Heard, God has Heard, One who Hears Girl
Simson Son of Simon, Sun Child, Little Sun Boy
Skyla Scholar, Sheltering, Sky Girl
Skylar Scholar, Shield, Protection, Learned One Boy
Skyler Scholar, Shield, Protection, Learned One Boy
Sofia Knowledge, Wisdom, Will Girl
Solange With Dignity, Soldier, Army Man, Dignified Girl
Solomon Peaceful Boy
Solveig House of Power, Hall, Strength, House Woman Girl
Sonja Wisdom, Wise, Skill Girl
Sophia Wisdom, Form of Sophie, Skill, Graceful Girl
Sophie Wisdom, Skill, Beauty Girl
Soraya Sun, Star, Name of a Constellation Girl
Stan Lives by the Stony Meadow Boy
Stefan Wreath, Similar to, Form of Steven, Crowned Boy
Stefanie Crowned One, Crown, Garland Girl

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