Dutch Baby names starting with R

Dutch Baby names starting with R - 89 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Dutch Baby names starting with R - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Rachel Innocence of a Lamb, Sheep, Ewe Girl
Radbod Boy
Rae Grace, Doe Boy
Rainhard Strong Judgment Boy
Raissa Thinker, Rose Girl
Ralf Red Wolf, Wolf Counsel, Wise Wolf Boy
Ralph Wolf Counsellor, Wise Protector, Wise Wolf Boy
Ramone Counselor, Protector Boy
Randall Shield Wolf Boy
Randolf Wise Power, Shield Wolf Boy
Randolph House Wolf, Strong Defender, Shield Wolf Boy
Raoul Wolf Counselor Boy
Raquel Boy
Raymond Guards Wisely, Strong Defender Boy
Rebecca Bound, Tied, Captivating, Knotted Cord Girl
Reggie Powerful Ruler, Form of Reginald Boy
Regina Queen, Purple Flower Girl
Reginald Powerful Ruler, Counsel Power Boy
Reimond Well-advised Ruler Boy
rein Counsel, Adviser, Well-advised Ruler Boy
Reina A Queen, Form of Regina Girl
Reinhard Fox, Advice, Decision Boy
Reinold Form of Reginald, Counsel Power, Advice Boy
Remo From the Raven Farm Boy
Remy From the Raven Farm, Champagne Boy
Renate Rebirth, Reborn, Born Again Girl
Rene Reborn, Form of Reginald, Counsel Power Boy
resi Gatherer Girl
Reuben A Son, Behold, Sea of Bitterness Boy
Reynold King's Adviser, Form of Reginald Boy
Rhett Speaker, Enthusiastic, Stream, Advice Boy
Rhetta Boy/Girl
Riaan Little King, Kingdom, Lord Vishnu Boy
Riccardo Powerful Ruler, Dominant Ruler Boy
Richard Brave One, Strong Ruler Boy
Rik New Way, Strong and Brave, Peaceful Ruler Boy
Rika Ever Ruling, Eternal Ruler Girl
Rikard Strong Power, Healthy Power Boy
Robbert Bright Famous One Boy
Robby Famed, Abbreviation of Robert Famed Boy

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