Dutch Baby names starting with P

Dutch Baby names starting with P - 36 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Dutch Baby names starting with P - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Palmira Palm Tree, From the City of Palms, Pilgrim Girl
Pamela Honeyed Sweetness, New Leaves, All Honey Girl
Patricia Noble Patrician Girl
Patrick Nobleman, Patrician Boy
Pauel Little, Form of Paul, Small Boy
Paul Small, Little Boy
Paula Small, Humble, String, Little Girl
Paulina Small, Little, Humble Girl
Paulsen Little, Son of Paul, Surname Boy
Paulus Small, Little, Form of Paul Boy
Peggie Pearl Girl
Peggy Pearl, Child of Light Girl
Pennie Thread, Web, Voice, Eye, Face, Silent Worker Girl
Percy Pierces, Pierced Valley Boy
Perry Dweller by the Pear Tree, Pear Tree Boy
Peter Rock, Stone, River, Strong Boy
Petra Rock, Stone, Small Rock, Strong Girl
Petrina Stone, Rock, Female Version of Peter Girl
Petronella Stone, Rock Girl
Petronilla Rock, Female Version of Peter, Stone Girl
Petrus Stone, Rock Boy
Philip Warlike, Loves Horses, Horse Lover Boy
Philippe Lover of Horses Boy
Philippus Horse Lover Boy
Philips Son of Philip Boy
Phillip One of the Biblical 12 Apostles Boy
Phillipa Female Version of Philip, Lover of Horses Girl
Philomena Strongly Beloved, Friend of Strength Girl
Pierre Stone, A Rock, Form of Peter, Horse Lover Boy
Pieter A Rock, Form of Peter, Stone Boy
Pearl The Precious Stone, Gem White in Colour Girl
Peg Pearl, Diminutive Girl
Patty Lady, Noblewoman, Mighty in Battle Girl
Pol Small, Little, Humble, Form of Paul Boy
Peer A Rock, Form of Peter, Stone Boy
Pit From the Pit Boy

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