Dutch Baby names starting with F

Dutch Baby names starting with F - 55 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Dutch Baby names starting with F - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Faas Boy/Girl
Febe Bright, Shining, Radiant Girl
Felix Fortunate, Happy, Name of a Saint, Lucky Boy
Femke Peace Girl
Fenna Scented Flower, Kutiya, Guardian of peace Girl
Ferdi Boy/Girl
Ferdinand To be Courageous, Bold Voyager, Bold Boy
Fernando Adventurous and Risky, Brave Traveler Boy
Filibert Boy/Girl
Filip Russian Form of Philip, Horse Lover Boy
Filippus Boy/Girl
Finn Light Skinned, Blond Boy
Fiona White, Fair, Pale, Blond, Beautiful, Hero Girl
Flavia Golden, Yellow Haired, Blond, Fair Haired Girl
Fleming Dutchman, A Native of Flanders Boy
Fleur French Flower Girl
Floortje Boy/Girl
Florentina Flowering, Florence, Blooming, In Bloom Girl
Florian Flowery, Flourishing Boy
Floris Flower, Form of Florence, Blooming Girl
Folker People's Guardian Boy
Francina From France, Free One, Similar to Frances Girl
Francis Free, French Man, A Man Form France Boy
Francisca Frenchwoman, Free, From France Girl
Franciscus French Man, A Man Form France Boy
Franck French Man, A Man Form France Boy
Franco Frank, French Man, A Man Form France Boy
Francois Free, A Free Man, Frenchman Boy
Francoise Free One, Feminine of Francis, From France Girl
Frank Free, Free Landholder, Javelin, Spear Boy
Franka Free Woman, A Frank Girl
Franklin Free Landowner, Land Holder Boy
Frans French Man, A Man from France Boy
Fransiska Frenchman, Free Woman Girl
Fred Form of Frederick, Peace, Peaceful Ruler Boy
Freda Peaceful Ruler, Elf Power, Tranquil Leader Girl
Frederic Peaceful Ruler Boy
Frederica Peaceful Ruler, Peace through Bravery Girl
Frederick Peaceful Ruler, Elf, Magical Counsel Boy
Frederik Elf, Magical Counsel, Peaceful Ruler Boy

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