Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'W'

Christian Baby Girl names starting with W - 31 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'W' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Wanda Get Fat, Wanderer
Wanetta Pale-skinned
Wasila Inseparable Friend
Wenda Form of Wendy, Fair One, Wanderer
Wendi Friend
Wendie White and Smooth, Soft, Fair Bow
Wendy Friend, Literary, Wends, Vandals, Fence
Whitnee Place Name, White Island
Whitnie Place Name, White Island
Whittney Form of Whitney
Wilda Willow, Wild, Untamed, Willow Tree
Wileen Firm Defender, Will-helmet
Wilfreda Female Version of Wilfred, Peace
Wilhelmina Will, Desire, Helmet, Resolute Protector
Wilhelmine Will-helmet, Helmet, Protection
Willemina Will-helmet, Strong Willed
Willette Firm Defender
Wilma Will, Desire, Helmet
Wilona Desired, Longed-for
Winifred Peace Friend, Friend of Peace, Holy
Winnie Friend of Peace, White
Winnifred Peaceful Friend, Fair, Holy
Winona Firstborn Daughter
Wren Bird Name
Wynona First Born Daughter
Wynter Winter
Willow Will Helmet, Protect, Tree Name, Freedom
Wyn Fair, Pure, Love
Windy Full of Wind, Windy, Blustery, Breezy
Wednesday Born on a wednesday
Whisper Whisper

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