Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'R'

Christian Baby Girl names starting with R - 127 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'R' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Raaya Great Behaviour, Never Lies
Rachel Innocence of a Lamb, Sheep, Ewe
Rachelle Ewe, Lamb, Female Sheep
Racquel Ewe, Innocent, Female Sheep
Raegan Descendant of the Little King
Raelyn Ewe
Rahab Large, Extended, Broad, Spacious, Wide
Raina Queen, Advice, Decision, Protection
Raizel Rose
Rand Tree of Good Scent
Randa To Dance, Admirable, Resemble, Act Big
Raphaela Divine Healer, Female Version of Raphael
Raphaella Healed by God, Healer
Raveena Sunny, Beauty of the Sun, Bright
Ravyn Blackbird
Raylene Ewe, Wise Guardian, Form of Regina, Queen
Raymonde Counsel, Mighty Protection, Guards Wisely
Rayna Queen, Pure, Purity, Holy Dust
rea Poppy, Earth, In Greek Myth
Reanna Combination of Rae and Anna
Reba Fourth, Form of Rebecca, Tied
Rebeca Tied, Joined, Form of Rebecca
Rebecca Bound, Tied, Captivating, Knotted Cord
Rebeccah One who Snares
Rebecka Form of Rebecca, Tied, Joined, To Tie
Rebekah To Tie, A Quarrel Appeased
Rebekkah To Bind, Tied, Joined, Form of Rebecca
Rechal Responsible, Innocent lamb
Reegan One who Rules, Ruler
Reena Artistic, Gem, Dissolve, Reborn, Cute
Reeta Pearl, Variant Form of Rita, Sings Praises
Regena Queen
Regina Queen, Purple Flower
Reilly Outgoing People, Courageous
Reina A Queen, Form of Regina
Rena Of the Sea, Born Again, Reborn, Peaceful
Renae Born Again, Reborn
Renie Peace, Reborn, Diminutive of Irene
Renita Love, Reborn
Renn Sunlight

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