Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'L'

Christian Baby Girl names starting with L - 274 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'L' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Laboni Graceful, Grace
Laci Cheerful
Lacie Cheerful
Ladonna Lady, Form of Donna
Lady Noble, Nobility
Lael Belonging to God
Laidey Noble, Nobility
Laila Sweetheart, Night Beauty, Nocturnal
Lailie Born During Light, Nightfall
Laina Form of Alaina, Path, Roadway, Route
Lainey Bright Light, Sun Ray, Torch, From the Lane
Lakeesha Joyful or Happy, Woman
Lakeisha Combination of La and Keisha, Woman
Laken From the Lake
Lakeshia Joyful, Happy
Lakisha Joyful, Happy, Woman, Alive, She who Lives
Lalia Blabber, Prattler
Lana Attractive, Fair, Good Looking, Little Rock
Lanna Rock, Comely, Bright, Shining
Lara Famous, Well-known, Cheerful, Light Hearted
Laraine Sorrowful, From Lothair's Kingdom
Laranda Divine Light, Lamp, Graceful, Peaceful
Larisa Cheerful, Beautiful, Light-hearted
Larissa Cheerful
Larona Rainbow
Latasha Combination of the Popular Prefix La with the Name Tasha
Latisha Joyful, Happy
Latonya Praised Woman, Praiseworthy
Latoya Victorious One, Derived from Victoria
Lauran Laurel
Laure Laurel
Laureen Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory
Laurel Laurel Tree, Crowned with Laurel
laurell Laurel Tree
Laurelle Laurel Tree
Lauren The Laurel Tree
Laurena Crowned with Laurels, The Laurel Tree
Laurencia Female Version of Lawrence
Laurene Crowned with Laurels, The Laurel Tree
Lauretta Laurel Tree

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