Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'J'

Christian Baby Girl names starting with J - 217 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'J' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Jaana God is Gracious, Beloved
Jacee Initials J and C Combined
Jacinda Beautiful, Flower Name
Jacinta Hyacinth Flower, Purple Flower Name
Jacklyn Supplanter, She who Supplants
Jacklynn Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jaclyn Supplanter, To Protect, Form of Jacqueline
Jacqueline Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jacquelyn Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jacquelynn Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
Jada Precious Green Stone, Goodness, Wise
Jadee Goodness
Jadyn The Gemstone Jade, Green in Color
Jaen Ostrich
Jaida Stone of the Colic, The Gemstone Jade
Jaiden God has Heard
Jaimee Love, Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jakki Replacer, Supplanter
Jakobe Female Version of Jakoh, Supplanter
Jamee Supplanter, One who Replaces
Jamesina Female Version of James, Supplant, Replace
Jamia The Sun
Jamilee Beautiful
Jammi Replacer, The Supplanter
Janae God has Answered, Form of Janet
Janaya God has Answered
Janee God is Gracious
Janel Female Version of John
Janele God is Gracious
Janell God is Gracious
Janella God is Gracious
Janelle God has been Gracious
Janessa The Lord of Gracious, God is Gracious
Janet God's Gracious Gift
Janett Merciful, Gracious, Female Version of John
Janetta Variant of Jane, From the French Jeanette
Janette God has been Gracious, Gift from God
Janey Jehovah has been Gracious
Janice God's Gracious Gift, Form of Jane
Janie Jehovah has been Gracious

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