Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'H'

Christian Baby Girl names starting with H - 86 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'H' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Hadara Bedecked in Beauty
Hadassa Flowering Myrtle, Myrtle Tree
Hagar A Stranger, One that Fears, Forsaken
Haidee Modest
Haile Form of Haley, Hero
Hailee Hay Clearing, Hay Meadow / Field
Haileigh Hay Meadow
Hailey From the Hay Meadow, Hay Clearing, Hero
Hailie Hay Clearing
Hailley Friendly, Friend,
Haley Hay Clearing, Hay Meadow, Field of Hay
Halle Dweller at the Hall Meadow, The Sea
Halli Cute
Hallie Heroine, Hay Meadow, Praise the Lord
Hanaa Happiness
Hannah Gracious, Grace, Grace of God, Favour
Hanne God Grace, Gracious, God has Favored Me
Harlene Hare Clearing, Hare Meadow
Harlie From the Hare's Meadow
Harriet Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ruler
Harriett Rules her Household
Harrietta Ruler of the Home or Estate
Harriette Ruler of the Home, Estate
Hattie Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ruler, Estate
Hatty Home Ruler, Ruler of the Home or Estate
Hava Life, Alive, Living
Haydee Noble Sort, Well-behaved
Haylea Hay Meadow
Haylee From the Hay Clearing
Hayleigh Hay Meadow / Valley, Hay Field
Haylie From the Hay Meadow, Field of Hay
Hazell Hazelnut, The Hazel Tree
Heaven Paradise, Home of the Gods and Angels, Sky
Heba The Gift of God
Hedva Joy
Hedy Sweet or Pleasent, Battle Maiden
Hedya Golden
Heeral Lustrous, Wealthy, Diamond, Rain
Heidi Noble and Serene, Noble, Nobility
Heidy Noble One, Kind, Honorable, Exalted Nature

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