Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'B'

Christian Baby Girl names starting with B - 132 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby Girl names starting with 'B' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Babs Strange, Diminutive of Barbara
Bambi Female Baby, Child
Barbara Strange, Foreign
Barbary A Form of Barbara Popular in Medieval Britain After the 3rd Century Martyr St Barbara
Barbie Princess, Traveller from a Foreign Land
Barbra Foreign, Stranger, Similar to Barbara
Bea Form of Beatrice, Bringer of Joy, Traveler
Beata Blessed
Beatrice Blessed, Bringer of Joy
Beatrix She who Blesses, Voyager through Life
Beatriz Voyager, Blessed, Brings Joy, Violet Flower
Becka Form of Rebecca, Tied, To Tie, Bind
Becky The Ensnarer, One who Snares, Traps, Bound
Bekki One who Snares, Traps
Bel Sacred Wood, Apple Tree
Belicia Dedicated to God, Variation of Isabel
Belinda Pretty, Very Beautiful, Attractive
Bella Beautiful, God is My Oath
Berdine Bright, Glowing Maiden
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernadine Strong, Brave as a Bear, Courageous
Bernardine Bear-hard, Brave as a Bear
Berni One who Brings Victory
Bernice Bringer of Victory
Berta Famous, Noble, Splendid, Shining Pledge
Berti Noble, Shining, Bright
Bertina Bright, Shining
Bess God is My Oath, Consecrated to God
Bessie God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Bessy God is My Oath, Diminutive of Elizabeth
Bethan Consecrated to God
Bethany House of Figs, House of Poverty
Betsy God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Bette God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth, House
Bettie Pledged to God, House, Consecrated to God
Bettina Consecrated to God
Betty Form of Elizabeth
Bettye Form of Elizabeth, God is My Oath
Beulah Married, Bride, Married Women
Bev Beaver-stream

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