Christian Baby names starting with 'E'

Christian Baby names starting with E - 455 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Christian Baby names starting with 'E' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Eadda Boy
Eadmund Wealthy Protector Boy
Eadwine Wealthy Friend Boy
Earl Nobleman, Chief, Leader, Warrior, Prince Boy
Earle Nobleman, Chief, Leader, Prince, Warrior Boy
Earleen Feminine of Earl, Noblewoman, Leader Girl
Earlene Noble Woman, Leader, Princess, Warrior Girl
Earline Noble Woman Girl
Earna Sincere, Eagle Girl
Earnestine Earnest, Serious, Battle to the Death Girl
Eartha Earthy, Born of the Earth Girl
Earwyn Friend of the Sea Boy
Earwyna Friend of the Sea Girl
Eason Protector, Great One Boy
Easter Born at Easter, Goddess of the Dawn Girl
Easton Eastern Settlement, From East Town Boy
Eathelin Noble Waterfall Girl
Eathelyn Noble Waterfall Girl
Ebbony Boy/Girl
Ebenezer Boy/Girl
Ebner Boy/Girl
Eboni Ebony Wood, Black Girl
Echo Return of Sound, Sound, Well Spoken, Echo Girl
Eda Wealthy Guardian, Wealthy, Happy, Fight Girl
Edana Fiery Girl
Edbert Wealthy and Bright Boy
Edden Garden of Heaven Girl
Eddie Names Beginning with Ed, Form of Edward Boy
Eddison Ed's Son, Son of Edward Boy
Eddy Names Beginning with Ed, Form of Edward Boy
Edelburga Boy/Girl
Edeline Noble, Good Cheer, Gracious, Kind Girl
Eden Delightful, Adornment, Paradise, Pleasure Girl
Edgar Wealthy Spear-man, Owner of Spear Boy
Edgard Wealthy Spear-man, Fortunate and Powerful Boy
Edgardo Fortunate and Powerful Boy
Edie Rich War Boy
Edilburga Boy/Girl
Edison Son of Adam, Handsome, Son of Edward Boy
Edisson Boy/Girl

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