Cute Christian Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Christian Follower of Christ, Anointed Boys Name
Dave Beloved, David's Son, Form of David Boys Name
Deon Abbreviation of Dionysius Boys Name
Danny Form of Daniel, God is My Judge Boys Name
David Beloved One Boys Name
Devin Poet, And Place Name, Divine, Perfect, Bard Boys Name
Diego Who Supplants, The Supplanter Boys Name
Donny Form of Donald, World Leader, World Mighty Boys Name
Drake Dragon, Male Duck, Snake Boys Name
Duane Dark, Form of Wayne, Wagoner, Swarthy, Hair Boys Name
Dylan The Sea, Great Sea, Attractive Boys Name
Dabeet Warrior Boys Name
Damian To Tame, Subdue, Tamer Boys Name
Daniel God is My Judge, My Judge is the Lord Boys Name
Danish Knowledge, To be Clever, Wisdom Boys Name
Denise From Dionysisu, God of Wine Boys Name
Devraj King among gods, Name of Indra Boys Name
Dishan Sides of Happiness, A Thresher Boys Name
Duncan Brown Warrior, Dark-skinned Warrior Boys Name
Durwin Best Friend Boys Name
Dustin Valiant Fighter, Brave Warrior Boys Name
Emet Desire, Aspiration Boys Name
Emil Industrious, Eager to Please, Rival Boys Name
Enos One Vigour (Nothing is True), Man Boys Name
Eric Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful Boys Name
Erik Ever Powerful, Ever Ruler Boys Name
Eros Carnal Love Boys Name
Evan The Lord is Gracious, Young Warrior Boys Name
Ewan Well Born, Born of Yew Boys Name
elgan Bright Circle Boys Name
Ellam Elamaran All Boys Name
Ellis The Lord is My God, Kind, Form of Elijah Boys Name
Elton From the Old Estate, Old Friend Boys Name
Elvin Noble Friend, Magical, Elfin Boys Name
Elvis All Knowing, All Wise Boys Name
Enoch Vowed, Dedicated, Devoted, Gods Disciple Boys Name
Ethan Strong, Heaven, Long Lived, Strength, Solid Boys Name
Edison Son of Adam, Handsome, Son of Edward Boys Name
Edmond Prosperous Protector, Wealthy Defender Boys Name
Edward Wealthy Guardian, Guardian of Prosperity Boys Name