Cute Christian Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Brody Unusual Beard, Muddy Place, Ditch Boys Name
Bruce Woods, Brewer, From the Brushwood Thicket Boys Name
Bruno Dark Complexioned Boys Name
Bryan Honourable, Form of Brian, Strength, Noble Boys Name
Bryce Son of a Nobleman, Quick-moving, Speckled Boys Name
Byron Place Name, Barn for Cows Boys Name
Balwin Bold Protector Boys Name
Barton From the Barley Settlement, Place Name Boys Name
Benton Settlement in a Grassy Place Boys Name
Blaine Thin, Slender, Lean, Lean or Thin Boys Name
Braden Broad Hillside, Salmon Boys Name
Brooke A Small Stream, Near the Stream or Brook Boys Name
Bryant Virtuous, He Ascends, Strength, High Hill Boys Name
Burton From the Fortified Town, Place Name Boys Name
Baldwin Bold, Princely Friend Boys Name
Barclay From the Birch-tree Meadow Boys Name
Barnaby Son of Consolation, Prophet Boys Name
Barrett Brave as a Bear, Bear-like, Bear-strength Boys Name
Bentley Bent Grass, From the Moor Boys Name
Bernard Brave as a Bear, Bear, Courageous, Strong Boys Name
Bradley Dweller at the Broad Meadow Boys Name
Brandan Beacon Hill, Sword, Name of a Saint Boys Name
Brandon Beacon Hill, Sword, Broom Covered Hill Boys Name
Brendan Sword-blade, Smelly Hair, Prince Boys Name
Brendon Prince (in Irish), Brave (in American) Boys Name
Brigham From the Village Near a Bridge Boys Name
Burgess Town Dweller, Town Citizen Boys Name
Benedict Blessed, Happy Boys Name
Benjamin Born of the Right Hand Boys Name
Broderick From the Broad Ridge, Renowned Ruler Boys Name
Cain Craftsman, Warrior's Son, Spear, Archaic Boys Name
Cary Man, Place Name, Pretty Brook Boys Name
Chad Of Great Love, Warrior, Warlike Boys Name
Chet Camp of the Soldiers, Fort Boys Name
Clay Settlement by the Clay Pit Boys Name
Cola A Long Robe Boys Name
Caleb Messenger, Bold, Courageous, Faith, Devotion Boys Name
Casey Watchful, Vigilant, Wakeful Boys Name
Cecil Blind, Sixth Boys Name
Cesar Hairy, Long Haired, Variant of Caesar Boys Name