Chinese Baby Girl names starting with L

Chinese Baby Girl names starting with L - 76 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Chinese Baby Girl names starting with L - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Laila Sweetheart, Night Beauty, Nocturnal
Laken From the Lake
Lakita Newly Created, A Form of Laketa
Lanita Favored Grace
Laretta Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree
Latesha Joyful, Happy
Latoya Victorious One, Derived from Victoria
Latricia Noble, Aristocrat
Laurel Laurel Tree, Crowned with Laurel
Lauren The Laurel Tree
Lauretta Laurel Tree
Lauryn From Laurentum, Crowned with Laurel
Lavina Mother of the Romans, Woman of Rome
Lavinia In Classical Mythology, Woman of Rome
Leanne Meadow, Combination of Lee and Anne
Leeann Light, Derived from an of Helen
Leisa God's Promise, God is My Oath
Leondra Lioness, Feminine of Leon, Brave
Leonie Lioness
Leonor Light, Sun Ray, Shining Light, Compassion
Leonora Torch, Variant of Eleanor, From Helen
Leota Of the People
Leticia Happiness, Joyful, Happy, Gladness, Delight
Li Plum, Dawn, Beautiful, Pretty
Lia Bringer of Good News, Dependence
Lida Noble Kind, Love, Joy, Happiness, Favor
Lidia Woman from Lydia, Beautiful, Womanly
Lilia Night, Form of Lilac, Bluish
Lilian Blend of Lily, Lily Flower and Ann
Liliana Lily, Symbol of Innocence, Purity, Beauty
Lillian Blend of Lily and Ann, Variant of Lillian
Lilliana Symbol of Innocence, Purity, Beauty, Lily
Lillie Lily
Lilly Lily
Lindsey Island of Linden Trees
Linnea Lime, Linden Tree
Lisa Consecrated to God, Oath of God
Lisette God's Promise, God is My Oath
Liz Form of Elizabeth, God is My Oath

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