Chinese Baby Girl names starting with B

Chinese Baby Girl names starting with B - 30 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Chinese Baby Girl names starting with B - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Babs Strange, Diminutive of Barbara
Beatrice Blessed, Bringer of Joy
Beatriz Voyager, Blessed, Brings Joy, Violet Flower
Becka Form of Rebecca, Tied, To Tie, Bind
Bernardine Bear-hard, Brave as a Bear
Berneice She who Brings Victory
Bess God is My Oath, Consecrated to God
Bessie God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Betsy God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Bette God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth, House
Billye Resolute Protector
Brandi Beverage Brandy, Warm and Comforting
Brandice Combination of Brandi and Candice
Brandie Beverage Brandy, Sweet Nectar
Brea Beauty Beyond Sight, Hill
Breann Noble, Strong, High Hill, Force, Strength
Breanna Virtuous, Noble, Strong, She Ascends
Bria Noble, Strong, Hill
Brielle Strong Woman of God, Hill
Brigette Strength, Power, To Help, The Exalted One
Brigitte Exalted One, Form of Bridget
Brijal Loveable, Goddess of Wealth, Also vrijal
Britany Form of Britannia
Brittanie From Britain, From England
Brooklyn A Fresh Water Small Stream
Brooklynn Stream by the Lake
Brynn Hill, Mount, Defender
Beth God is My Oath, House of God
Baby Infant
Blanch Fair, White, Pale

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