Chinese Baby Names

2068 Chinese Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 2068 Chinese Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aamina Mother of Prophet Muhammad (SA), Safe Girls Name
Abdul Knowledge, Servant of the Lord Boys Name
Abdullah Servant of Allah, One who Serves the God Boys Name
Abe Father of a Multitude, Breath Boys Name
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child Boys Name
Abram Exalted Father Boys Name
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boys Name
Adelaida Noble Girls Name
Adelard Brave Noble, Noble and Courageous Boys Name
Adelia Of the Nobility, Noble Kind, Kind Girls Name
Adolf Noble Majesty Wolf Boys Name
Adolfo Noble Person, Noble Wolf Boys Name
Adolph Noble Wolf Boys Name
Adolphus Noble Wolf Boys Name
Adonis Man Loved by Aphrodite, God of Love Boys Name
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria Girls Name
Adriane From Hadria, Dark Girls Name
Adrianna Dark, Woman from Hadria, Dark One Girls Name
Adrianne From Hadria, Dark Girls Name
Ady Boys Name
Afshan To Sprinkle, Glitter, Adornment Aids Girls Name
Agustin Great, Magnificent, Worthy of Respect Boys Name
Akeem Originating from God, Wise Boys Name
Alanis Precious, Little Rock, Beautiful Girls Name
Alban From Alba, A City on a White Hill Boys Name
Albert Noble and Bright, Highborn, Brilliant Boys Name
Alberto High-born, Brilliant, Nobly Famous Boys Name
Albin White, Old English for Brilliant Boys Name
Alden Old and Wise Protector, Defender Boys Name
Aldo Old, Wise, Archaic, Noble Boys Name
Aleah High, Sublime, Morning Fragrance or Rising Girls Name
Aleece Of the Nobility Girls Name
Aleisha Noble, Exalted Girls Name
Alejandra Helper and Defender of Mankind Girls Name
Alejandro Defender, Protector of Mankind Boys Name
Alek Form of Alexander Boys Name
Alesha Of a Noble Kind, Of the Noble Sort Girls Name
Alessandra Defending Men, Defender of Mankind Girls Name
Alessandro Defender of Man, Man's Defender Boys Name
Alex Form of Alexander Boys Name

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