Celtic Baby names starting with M

Celtic Baby names starting with M - 44 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Celtic Baby names starting with M - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Maccus Hammer Boy
Macklin Son of Flann Boy
Macklyn Son of Flann Boy
Mael Devotee, Legendary Son of Roycol Boy
maelgwn Boy
Mahon Bear, Calf, Cub Boy
Mairenn Star of the Sea, Bitter Girl
Maldred Boy
Malvin Armored Chief, Ruler, Council-friend Boy
Malvina Handmaiden, Chieftain, Smooth Brow, Sweet Girl
Malvyn Armored Chief, Ruler, Council-friend Boy
Maren Of the Sea, Sea of Bitterness Girl
Marvina Renowned Friend, Lives by the Sea Girl
Marvyn Lives by the Sea Boy
Maureen Dark Skinned, Great, Dark Girl
Mckayla Like a God, Female Version of Michael Girl
Meave Joy, Hilarity, Baby, Intoxicating Girl
Melva Armored Ruler, Mill-worker, Chieftain Girl
Melville Leader, Hillside, Town by the Mill Boy
Melvina Handmaiden, Smooth Brow Girl
Melvyn Sword Friend, Form of Melvin, Mill Worker Boy
Merlin The Magical One Boy
Mervyn Sea Lover, Form of Marvin Boy
Miach Honorable, Proud Boy
Mide Thirsty Girl
Mirna Tender, Beloved Girl
Moina Beloved One Girl
More From the Moors, Dark Skinned Boy
Morgane Dweller of the Sea Girl
Moya Great, Bitterness Girl
Moira Sea of Bitterness, The Great, Doom, Destiny Girl
Moreen Great, Dark Skinned, Bitterness Girl
Morgance Bright, White Sea Dweller Girl
Mungo Lovable, Gentle, Kind Boy
Mariner Lives by the Sea Boy
Morrigan A War Goddess, Great Queen Girl
Manus Great, Surname, Boy
Mac Son of, Taken from Mackenzie, Greatest Boy
Mel Sword Friend, Polished Chief Boy
Medraut Boy

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