Cute Buddhist Baby Names

Page 3 174 Buddhist Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 174 Buddhist Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Pema A Lotus Girls Name
Rinzen The Holder of Intellect Girls Name
Sangmu The Kind Hearted One Girls Name
Teesta A River Girls Name
Tenzin Protector of Dharma Girls Name
Tenzing Protector of Dharma Girls Name
Yangkyi Adorable Girls Name
Yangchen The Sacred One Girls Name
Zoysa Unique Girls Name
Ronelle Rough Island Girls Name
Ankush An Instrument Used for Guiding Elephants Boys Name
Amitaruci Very Glorious Boys Name
Anantamati With an Infinite Mind, All Pervading Boys Name
Anantavikrama With Eternal Valour Boys Name
Bankei Ten Thousand Blessings Boys Name
Bassui High Above Average Boys Name
Bupposo Buddha Dharma Sangha Boys Name
Butsuju Buddha Life Boys Name
Baharupa Boys Name
Bhadanta Term of Respect Applied to a Buddhist Mendicant Boys Name
Butsugen Buddha Eye Boys Name
Bahuksana Enduring Much Boys Name
Balavrata Worshipping the Rising Sun Boys Name
Budhasuta Son of Budha, Son of Wise Boys Name
Bhadrapala Protector of Goodness Boys Name
Bodhidharma All-pervading Enlightened Mind Boys Name
Buddhamitra Friend of the Wise Boys Name
Buddhanandi One who Enjoys Knowledge Boys Name
Boddhidharma Follower of Buddhist Doctrine Boys Name
Brahmadhvaja A Banner of Brahma, Meritorious, Virtuous Boys Name
Bhismasvaraja Not Affected by Noise Sound Boys Name
Chosui Purifying Water Boys Name
Candavira Boys Name
Candrasurya Sun and Moon Conjoined Boys Name
Daido Great Way Boys Name
Daiji Great Compassion Boys Name
Dokai Way Formality, Way Steps Boys Name
Doryu Way of the Dragon Boys Name
Druki Boys Name
Daibai Big Plum Boys Name