Buddhist Baby Names

174 Buddhist Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 174 Buddhist Baby names to name your baby on 2023.



Name Meaning Gender Like
Abhaya Fearless Boy
Aghad Vast, Deep Boy
Alisha A Star, God Gifted, Protected by God Girl
Anzan Quiet Mountain Boy
Ashoka Conquering, Without Grief, No sorrow Boy
Ashwaghosh Name of Buddhist Philosopher Boy
Ashwin King of King, Spear Friend, A Star, Win Boy
Atisha Peace Girl
Baika Plum Blossom Boy
Banko Everlasting Boy
Banzan Indestructible Mountain Boy
Basho Banana Plant Boy
Bensen Ben's Son, Surname, Be Diligent Boy
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha Boy
Chandaka Moonlight Boy
Charini Follower, Disciple Girl
Chiko Light of Wisdom, Arrow, Pledge Boy
Chimon Wisdom Gate Boy
Chinshu Calm Prefecture Boy
Chorei Transparent Spirituality Boy
Chozen Clear / Transparent Meditation Practice Boy
Chugai Transcending Universe Boy
Daiden Great Transmission Boy
Daiko Great Light Boy
Dainin Great Endurance Boy
danan Giving Boy
Dashin Peaceful Heart Boy
Dawa Medicine, Born on a Monday Girl
Dechen Health and Happiness Boy
Dhiman Knowledgeable, Wise Boy
Diki Healthy and Wealthy Girl
Dipankara One who Lights Lamps, Lord of Light Boy
Dohna A Female Deity Girl
Dojin Path of Love Boy
Dolkar The Name of a Buddhist Goddess Girl
Doyu Morality Preserver Boy
Eido Illuminating Way Boy
Eshin Understanding Mind, Wisdom Mind Boy
Ganendra Lord of a troop Boy
Gautam Lord Buddha Boy

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