Cute British Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Craig Dweller by the Crag, From Near the Crag Boys Name
Cunda Learn, Understand, Perceptor Boys Name
Cyril King, Lordly, Proud, Masterful Boys Name
Calder Cold Brook, Rough Waters, Stream Boys Name
Carlos Strong and Manly, Masculine Boys Name
Carter Transporter of Goods with a Cart Boys Name
Carver Sculptor, One who Carves Wood, Wood Carver Boys Name
Caspar Who Guards the Treasure, The Treasurer Boys Name
Casper Treasurer, Keeper of the Treasurer Boys Name
Cedric Battle Chieftain, War Leader, Chief Boys Name
Chande Moon Boys Name
Cooper Barrel Maker, Seller, Surname Boys Name
Curtis Polite, Courteous Boys Name
Calvert Cowherd, Cowboy, Occupational Name Boys Name
Cameron Bent Nose, Crooked Stream Boys Name
Carlton Settlement of Free Men, Place Name Boys Name
Chandan Sandalwood Tree, Cold, Sandalwood Boys Name
Chapman Merchant, Trader, Peddler Boys Name
Charles Manly, Strong, Free Man, Full-grown, A Man Boys Name
Chatwin Warlike Friend Boys Name
Chester Camp of Soldiers, Fort Boys Name
Clayton Settlement by the Clay Pit Boys Name
Clinton Settlement Near the Headland Settlement on a Hill Boys Name
Coleman Dark Skinned, Charcoal Burner Boys Name
Corbett Raven, Dark as a Raven, Black Hair Boys Name
Caldwell From the Cold Spring, Near a Cold Well Boys Name
Chadwick Place Name, The Fighter's Settlement Boys Name
Chandler Maker of Candles, Candle-maker Boys Name
Channing Wise, Knowing, Occupational Name Boys Name
Chrishan Awakened, Almighty Lord Boys Name
Clifford Ford Near the Cliff, Name of a Place Boys Name
Chellaiah Kind of Gold Boys Name
Christian Follower of Christ, Anointed Boys Name
Daud David, Beloved, Darling Boys Name
Dave Beloved, David's Son, Form of David Boys Name
Deen God will Judge, Place Name Boys Name
Deon Abbreviation of Dionysius Boys Name
Dino An Expert with the Spear Boys Name
Dola Eye, Sight Boys Name
Damon To Tame, Constant, Spirit, Subdue, Blue Sky Boys Name